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`Rap' is a computer language that I'm working on.

Rap is a Dutch word meaning `quick'. It is quick to write in Rap,
and Rap programs run quickly as well.

In the heart, it is designed as a simple, extendible, syntax
rewriting system.

Rap is not just for programs but also for data: it is a
so-called malleable langauge. You can bend its syntax towards your
problem domain, instead of mapping your problem domain towards your
programming language. Actually, the front-end programming language
itself is entirely defined by starting with the VM primitives and
putting a set of rewriting expressions on top of that. The programmer
can build further from there, or break it down and go into another

Rap code can run on servers, industrial and personal computers,
embedded systems and appliances. The Rap runtime is platform-agnostic,
but you can break out of that as well if you want and if the host
environment permits.

Rap comes with its own VM that plays nicely with existing programming
environments. It can seamlessly integrate with, for example, external
C objects and functions, without going back and forth through
cumbersome mapping stages.

Current work is ongoing making the underlying VM capable for compiling
the Rap system itself.  Reaching that milestone will mark the first
public release of the language.