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Eindhoven, December 14th, 2003

This message is to announce the release of MSCP 1.4.

Unfortunately, a bug crept in with the previous release,
prohibiting MSCP from playing white in xboard.

The source distribution is available through
I am not able to construct binaries for windows, but
I am willing to link to binary distributions that are
reported back to me.

MSCP is Marcel's Simple Chess Program. Its main purpose
is to be a small, simple, yet complete chess engine. MSCP
includes aspiration window tree search, quiscence search,
move sorting, position evaluation, hash tables, opening book,
standard algebraic move input and output. It works well
with both xboard and icsdrone and it should run without
trouble in winboard (but I haven't tested that).

Release 1.4 fixes one bug introduced with 1.3:
- fixed problem with playing white under xboard
  (courtesy Peter McGavin for reporting this bug)

The code is very stable. MSCP has played over 350,000 blitz
games on FICS ( and nearly 250,000 games on
ICC ( It wins most of its games against
humans but it is not overly strong: people do have a fair
chance of beating it.

MSCP 1.4 is released under the GNU GPL (see file COPYING
for details.)



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         |_|  Marcel van Kervinck

Update: nematocyst kindly provided a compiled version for Windows. It is in the download directory.

Todo list

Features that may or may not be added in future versions of MSCP: Features that will probably never be added in future versions of MSCP:
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