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Update 2012-08-04: The torrent never had enough seeders and the project was causing
   1TB of traffic per month, therefore I have to close it.

Finger of logics(TD): Last disconnected: Sat Jan 1, 16:11 ??? 2011 logics has not played any rated games. 1: Total time online: 3538 days, 10 hrs, 42 mins 2: % of life online: 86.9 (since Sat Nov 6, 10:42 PST 1999) 3: (But don't believe the server stats... They are incomplete...) 4: As of 2011-01-01 the logics project has officially retired. 5: One -decade- of server history preserved. Over 125 million games..! 6: All have been incorporated into the database. 7: Details on 8: Thanks to foxbat for tolerating the extra bandwidth in all those years. 9: Thanks to Ludens and seberg for and continue the work. 10: Thanks to -you- for choosing to play on FICS.

Here is a torrent file for all recorded FICS chess games from November 1999 onwards. The games haven been converted into PGN format and verified. If there are no seeds please send me an e-mail. I attempt to keep at least one seed with sufficient bandwidth alive at all times, but it is not automated. Torrent file: Contents looks like this: FICS-games/ fics-1999-11.pgn.bz2 fics-1999-12.pgn.bz2 fics-2000-01.pgn.bz2 ... etc ... fics-2009-08.pgn.bz2 fics-2009-09.pgn.bz2 fics-2009-10.pgn.bz2 fics-2009-11.pgn.bz2 <-- Added on 2009-12-01 fics-2009-12.pgn.bz2 <-- Added on 2010-01-02 The total number of games is over 100 million. The total download size is around 15GB, zipped. Unfortunately I can't offer native ChessBase formatted files. The reason is not because I don't like the format or the company, but because I don't have the software to make such files. Dann Corbit has put a SCID version of the games online. has a searchable version of this data online. Note that individual game scores without annotations are not "copyrighted" material. There is no such concept for these form of recordings. However, without statement the game collection itself, or any derived works, would technically be copyrighted by me. Hence the following statement: COPYRIGHT STATEMENT The collection is wholly my work. I hereby release the collection(s) presented on this web page ( to be in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, with no rights reserved. Enjoy, Marcel van Kervinck <>