2011 First Annual GECCO Greater European Computer Chess Championships

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Program (handle) Author Team (others) Book authors Endgames Hardware (CPU, GHz, GB, cores used) Operating System
Nightmare Joost Buijs - Joost Buijs Nalimov 3,4,5,6 Core i7 980X, 4GHz, 12GB, 6 cores Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Rookie Marcel van Kervinck - Marcel van Kervinck Bitbases (based on Edwards') Phenom II X6 1100T, 3.7GHz, 16GB, 6 cores FreeBSD 8.2
Goldbar Bart Goldhoorn Joost Buijs Bart Goldhoorn Nalimov i7, 4x4Ghz 8 Gbyte memory Windows 7
Mediocre Chess (mediocre) Jonatan Pettersson - Marc Lacrosse (perfomance.bin) - Phenom II X4 965, 3.4GHz, 8GB, 1 core used Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Micro-Max (microMax) Harm Geert Muller - - - E6600 (1 core) 2.4GHz, 1GB Windows
Spartacus Harm Geert Muller - Harm Geert Muller - E6600 (1 core) 2.4GHz, 1GB Windows
The Baron (Baron) Richard Pijl Rodolfo Leoni Richard Pijl Bitbases (5 stone) AMD Athlon II X4 640, 3GHz, 4GB, 4 cores Windows 7 home premium
Deuterium Ferdinand Mosca - Ferdinand Mosca Daniel Shawul, 5-men Egbb Intel i7-2600k, 4.5Ghz (OC), 4GB, 1 core Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit
Spike Volker Böhm & Ralf Schäfer - Timo Klaustermeyer Nalimov 5 2xOpteron 6164 HE, 1.7 GHz, 12GB Ram, 24 cores Windows Server
Tornado Engin Üstün - Engin Üstün Nalimov 3,4,5 AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, 8GB, 6 cores Windows


Spike won with 5 out of 6! Congratulations to the Spike team!

Nightmare secured 2nd place by beating Tornado 3 to 2 in improvised play-offs.
                                         BH    S-B   play-offs
 1 Spike     wwbwbw  xrtnbd  111==1  5   19 
 2 Nightmare wbwbbw  ctgsrb  1=1=1=  4.5 20   13.75  10==1 3.0
 3 Tornado   bwwbbw  bnsdgm  1=0111  4.5 20   12.75  01==0 2.0
 4 Rookie    -bwbwb  msdbnc  101=01  3.5 
 5 Baron     wbbwwb  tgmrsn  0=1===  3   22.5 
 6 Goldbar   wwbbwb  dbnctx  ==0101  3   16.5 
 7 Deuterium bwbwwb  gxrtcs  =10010  2.5 
 8 Mediocre  -bw-bb  rcbxxt  010010  2 
 9 Spartacus bwbwbw  nmxgdr  001000  1   16.5 
10 micro-Max bbw-ww  sdcmmg  000100  1   14.5 
Games in PGN format:


OrganizationGreater European Computer Chess Organization (GECCO)
SiteHGM's (IP address: port 5000)
Suggested interfaceTim Mann's Winboard or Alessandro Scotti's Winboard_X or Chess Partner (UCI or Xboard Protocol)
Rounds6 rounds (pending number of participants) and possible play-offs
Round Times
(CET - Amsterdam)
Saturday November 12
Sunday November 13
Round 1 Round 2 Break Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Break Round 6
8:30 10:30 (30 minutes) 13:00 8:30 10:30 (30 minutes) 13:00
Time ControlG/45+10 (that is: 45 minutes + 10 seconds increment)
Tie Breaks First to 2 points playoff at G/10+1 (higher finisher gets white first): if both tie to 2 points, match proceeds under sudden death
Accounts All HGM accounts are free. Please register and test no later than November 10


  1. Standard rules of chess apply: Three fold repetition, 50 move rule .....
  2. Only the author of the program or an approved operator may enter. The program must be operated by the author for least one of the rounds.
  3. Changing/modifying versions between rounds is allowed.
  4. All programs must be authored by a resident of the Greater European region, including current and former overseas areas and including Alaska and Hawaii. (The exact definition we use: residing on any direct coast-to-coast line from Greenland to Antartica as given by Google Earth [another example]). It doesn't matter where you live with respect to the oceans and there are no restrictions on religion, beliefs, political orientation, race, gender, nationality, sexuality or marital status.
  5. Programs must be logged in 10 minutes before each rounds start time.
  6. Programs must run in an automated fashion. You can start them but they must run by themselves and make all decisions themselves. The operator may offer draw, accept draw and resign on behalf of the program only when the the outcome of the game is absolutely clear from the evaluation of both programs (or lack of progression thereof), and not before move 40.
  7. Programs must kibitz, if possible, their evaluation, depth, PV and a message that the move is a book move. If possible, kibitz only on your turn not during pondering. You may kibitz a few plies before the final ply, but keep it to a minimum as too many will block all that chatter amongst the participants which most of us want to participate in.
  8. Participants are allowed 2 disconnects due to accidents. A disconnect is not counted if it doesn't interrupt the match. On the third disconnect, the match is forfeit. A 5 minute allowance is granted for each disconnect. The third disconnect must be reported to the TD. The TD and Organizer will make the ruling.
  9. Programs must be able to resume a match after a disconnect. This is part of the Winboard protocol so it should be already handled.
  10. Initial seedings will be based on HGM's server Standard rating.
  11. In the event of an odd number of entrants, an alternate program may be entered to avoid byes.
  12. In the event of a dispute, the TD & Organizer decision is final and the spirit of this tournament will be considered in all disputes.
  13. Each program must be the work of the author. Entrants may not copy the work of others.
  14. If an entrant makes several unsubtantiated claims of others being clones, that entrant will be dropped from this tournament.
  15. An author may enter only one program. Each program may be entered only once.
  16. Programs by different authors are NOT allowed to use the same opening book. Violation of this gets a warning then disqualification upon second violation. To prove your books authenticity, it must be sent to the tournament organizer upon claim of violation.
  17. In case of a tie, there will be a G/5+1 playoff after a small break (long enough for the orgainzer to verify results). The higher finisher gets white first. The higher finisher is decided by the running sum of points gained (a win in round 1 counts as 14 points, a win in round 2 counts as 13 points.....)

Technical Rules/Specifications

allow kibitz variable must be 1: set kibitz 1
Don't listen to other game results: set gin 0
Use a special formula for the tournament: set formula !wild & computer & time=45 & inc=10
Join computer discussion channel on HGM:+ch 64
Join the mamer channel on HGM:+ch 49
Recommendation: Have a backup computer ready in case of crash.
Test your account several days ahead of the tournament.
Several engines will be available 24/7 for this purpose in the week before the tournament.


Registration is closed.


Thanks go to ACCA and Charles Roberson for allowing us to copy their rules in good spirit. We went through their rules forwards and backwards and took many things :-)
Special thanks to HGM for supporting this tournament!