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`Blik' is a chess playing computer. It kills its time by visiting chess servers to play games with anyone who likes to. Blik really enjoys this: in 1998 it has played about 20,000 games on the net. Mostly against human opponents. The chess program that is doing the hard chess thinking is `Rookie 2.0'. It was designed by Marcel van Kervinck, who still works on it now and then.

[ Rookie logo ] [Dual pentium II]
Blik's hardware changes from time to time. In the beginning of 1998 it used to be a P133. Later that year it played most games on a Sun Enterprise clocked at 250MHz. Currently it operates from within the bitpit, at Marcel's home machine: a (dual) PentiumII at 360MHz.

There are quite a few chess servers on the net. The two largest are most frequently visited by blik: freechess.org (aka FICS) and chessclub.com (aka ICC). Playing on FICS is free of charge, they have a great server, excellent connectivity and a friendly atmosphere. ICC has a membership fee, a slowish link and a pretty bad server setup. But they use their income to attract a few more and stronger players to the server. Most of the time blik plays on FICS, because it gets more games there.

If you are interested to know more about the program, contact its owner: marcelk At times he is present on FICS to watch blik play. You can also mail him at marcelk@bitpit.net.

Neither blik, nor Rookie 2.0, are available to the public, so please don't ask about that. For the moment it remains a private project. One day the program might very well be published as free software. No such day is planned yet.

If you like to know a bit about the basics of chess programming, you should download MSCP. MSCP is blik's little brother. It also plays on the servers, but it is much weaker. It makes all moves instantly, and it doesn't know a lot about chess. MSCP is really tiny: it consists of roughly 2,000 lines of C code, and there are about 2,000 opening moves in it's opening book.

Last update: 17-Mar-2003 (marcelk) Added picture of blik's guts