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My new MacBook Pro sometimes suffers from a design
problem: half of the LEDs switch off, leaving the
screen unreadable. The vertical stripes problem.

It doesn't happen often, but when it happens
it is usually when I disconnect the power cord.
Nothing seems to bring back full brightnes, except rebooting
the system. (*)

Googling around I found that a thread about this problem
was going on on apple's own web forum:

This thread seemed to be going on for a long time,
with Apple seriously ignoring the issue and attempting
to sweep it under the rug.

I posted a link to the picture in this directory,
with the date I bought the system to inform readers the
problem is still not resolved.
I adviced owners of laptops to watch for their factory
warrenty and request replacement if the problem gets worse.

This simple remark got my apple id account banned from posting
on the discussion forum, and my posting removed.

Not a good show, Apple.
In the past couple of years I have spent thousands of Euros
on your computers. After the first one, I bought all others without
any consideration. You lost that.
For your pricing I can expect hardware with no such flaws,
or prompt replacement.
However, Apple is not taking the high road and
I will more carefully reconsider other options the next time.

Linux, despite all its short-comings, suddenly became
a lot more interesting, especially with Ubuntu now.

An alternative is going to be to run MacOSX on commodity hardware.

(*) A non-intuitive workaround was discovered, that closing the
lid and opening it again brings back all lights.
This discovery doesn't change my opinion about Apple's support
in this matter.