New iPod

After four years of service, my old 40GB iPod had gotten full, so I was secretly waiting for an opportunity to upgrade. That moment arrived unexpectedly last month after I realized that I had lost the thing somewhere on a recent business trip. I phoned some hotels and airlines, but to no avail. It is worth shopping around for these things. My old one was bought in Singapore. My new one one is from Hawaii. Maybe Apple can make the shopping experience more convenient next time.

I price-shopped a bit with the upcoming USA and Europe trips in mind. The official price in Taiwan is 12,900 NTD. Some merchants were willing to sell for 12,500 NTD (263 EUR), but not lower. The store lists 349 EUR, so that is a big no-no. The USA price is the same, but in cheap dollars, not euros. With sales tax included it becomes 365,44 USD (249 EUR).

What I like about it? Much better price (for replacement next time...), much better battery life, thinner and much more storage. The packaging is beautiful, like a jewel box. What I don't like about it? I had to buy a case seperately (the old one came with a leather case that I liked). Luckily, I can still use my old docking unit and charger. Both are not included anymore.

The next upcoming gadget? Probably a new laptop. But I'm waiting for the first models to come out with a hybrid flash/disk drive. The store clerk predicted "at least 5 years" for that to happen. My bet is that the first ones will be around within a year.

Detail and serial number

2007-12-07 | Tags: gadgets apple ipod 160gb