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Florida trip to see Shuttle night launch

February, 50% risk of not catching a launch at all, c-c-cold, expensive crappy hotel, hours of waiting, first attempt got scrubbed at 4:30AM, giant jetlag, American cuisine... But needless to say: TOTALLY WORTH IT. Here is my video of the launch. And oh, a few days later there was this one. What a trip.

2010-02-08 | shuttle launch

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A nice graph of all the flights I've ever made. It circles the world, crosses the international date line a couple of times and includes a flight routed over the North Pole (JFK-HKG).
A computer language that I have been working on for quite some time. It started years ago when I was considering the problems with existing languages and what my `ideal' language would look like. It is one of my largest hobby projects at the moment. Although progress is slow, it is converging and I'm quite satisfied with the direction it has taken.
A web application for studying Chinese words. It presents flash cards with multiple choice options and estimates your vocabulary size. It is rough and unfinished but works well enough for me and a couple of friends.
Wide time, world time, wall time. A specification for a 64-bit timestamp format suitable for binary file formats, file systems and Internet messages. It has a 8,000 year time span with microsecond resolution, can preserve time zone information and is capable of encoding leap seconds. It is designed as a better format than 32-bit time_t.
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The world's largest database of chess games, holding over 100 million games played on FICS. The biggest chunk of it was collected by my Protected logics bot. I started recording in 1999 and made my collection available for this database in 2009.
Blik(C) is one of my chess playing bots on FICS and ICC. On FICS it is also known for its responsiveness to players shouting its name. It has reached a kind of cult status because of that.
Marcel's Simple Chess Program. A fully functional demonstration of the techniques behind all chess engines, implemented as a reasonably short and straightforward C program. It plays on FICS and ICC under its own name and is one of the most popular computer players there.
A list of words I encountered in news articles that I didn't know yet or I had forgotten. English is a weird language. It makes a great list for Hangman .
Rookie 2.0
Rookie was my hobby chess programming project while at university. Eventually I wrote my Master's thesis about Rookie 2.0. After that I didn't touch it anymore, but it is playing online ever since under the names 'blik' and 'Rookie' on the chess servers. I'm considering a final follow-up program: I already have a better implementation of the move generators and pattern recognizers done. The rest of the work is postponed until Rap becomes usable, because I don't want to write it in C anymore.
An online browser for the Rookie 2.0 opening book.
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Bookie restored

I have dusted off and put back online my vintage 1999 `bookie' web application. It has retained the old-style `Web 1.0' look-and-feel, except that the response times are faster. You can now once again browse through the opening book that blik(C) is using on FICS and ICC. [Link]

2007-11-27 | chess openings bookie retro projects


Hanban: Lesson 15 added

Tonight I have entered the words for lesson 15 ("Please suggest some dishes to us") into my flash card word learning tool. The total number of words from Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Book 1 is now 531. [Project]

2007-11-25 | chinese hanban update projects